Hounslow Council's Community Energy Fund

How will my application be assessed?

All bids will be assessed by a panel of Council officers who have expertise in energy efficiency, retrofit, and sustainability. Using the range of criteria below, each bid will be reviewed and scored on a basis of 1 to 4. Bids with a higher score will receive grant funding. Please see grading criteria below.

Carbon, Community, Inclusion



Key Considerations

Score (1 to 4)*

      Expected carbon savings/reduced energy use


What is the anticipated carbon/energy saving?


Is this a meaningful difference?

Appropriate and exact calculation of carbon emissions in tonnes of CO2 and/or kwH of energy use reduction, demonstrating source, calculation and considers carbon effectiveness of given method.







Wider community engagement with project 

How does the project benefit and actively engage the ‘wider community’ in behaviour change on reducing carbon emissions?



Good strategy to promote the project and encourage changes in behaviour to reduce emissions.


Does the project involve support/engagement with a wide range of community members?






Social Inclusion

To what extent does the project lead to jobs being created and retained within Hounslow, build community cohesion or address other community needs, demonstrating alignment with Hounslow’s Green Recovery vision for a ‘low carbon, resource efficient, and socially inclusive’ economy?


Proposed strategy to create a legacy of environmental, social, and economic improvement.


Does the project consider social outcomes or needs, and use innovative methods to address this?









Planning a Successful Energy Project



Key Considerations

Score (1 to 4)*


To what extent is the project ready to be delivered? Has all the development/feasibility work been completed?


What degree of technical work, including community engagement, has already been undertaken to help establish the viability of the proposal? 

Feasibility work completed and consent in principle from the landowner/landlord


Use of expert knowledge in planning and/or implementation of the project.


Obtained support with the local community of the proposed project and other interest groups.








Have the key risks been identified? Are the risks manageable – to what extent have mitigation measures been developed?


Key risks have been outlined, with a sound mitigation strategy to manage associated risks.






Is the proposed project budget and associated costs reasonable?


Have the minimum quotes been sought – three above £5,000?


Are there any sources of external funding?

Reasonable budget breakdown of itemised elements to be funded through grant.


Minimum quotes been sought and provided.


Clearly demonstrates applicant has considered or is receiving match-funding. Sufficient resources in place to deliver the project.










Delivering an Energy Project



Key Considerations

Score (1 to 4)*

Delivery Plan


To what extent is there a clear plan in place to implement the project, supported by a timetable of milestones?



Project plan clearly sets out delivery timescales and requirements, and is likely to be delivered within 1 to 2 years (larger projects have 2 years to complete)







Applicant experience



Key Considerations

Score (1 to 4)*

Relationship with the local community

Does the applicant have the required experience and skills of working with the local community or any experience in community energy projects?


Relevant experience of working with the local community where the proposed project is located or in delivering this type of project.




*Scores range from 1-4 (1 = Low, 4 = High) where:

  1. Does not meet the minimum key considerations, little to no detail of the project
  2. Meets the minimum key considerations, but only describes some details
  3. Meets the minimum key considerations, clearly explains reasoning, and provides evidence to support the project
  4. Goes beyond the minimum key considerations, detailed explanation and evidence to support the project, demonstrates an innovative approach.
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