Hounslow Council's Community Energy Fund

How to apply

The second round of funding is now open to applications. The Council encourages all interested community groups of all sizes and levels of experience to apply for a share of the available £150,000 with projects that meet eligibility criteria.

Please read through all HCEF webpages and the project support documents available and contact environmental.strategy@hounslow.gov.uk if you have any questions or would like to speak to an officer about a potential project.

To apply, please complete the application form below and return the form to  environmental.strategy@hounslow.gov.uk.

Before completing an application, please read the application guidance thoroughly. We hope that a three-month window will give you enough time to receive quotes, including the estimated carbon and energy savings associated with your project idea from contractors. Applicants must also provide detail about how their projects will engage the wider community and aim to build social inclusion. Gathering sufficient project details, engaging with relevant parties, and consulting with the community to meet application requirements can be a lengthy process. Therefore, applicants are encouraged to begin scoping their projects and reaching out to potential installers as soon as possible to ensure a completed application by the submission date.

Final applications will need to be submitted by Friday, 31 July 2023. If you are unsure about whether your application will be completed by the deadline, please get in touch with environmental.strategy@hounslow.gov.uk in the first instance.


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