Hounslow Council's Community Energy Fund

Hounslow’s strength is in its community

The Hounslow Community Energy Fund (HCEF) aims to support community-led decarbonisation projects which benefit the wider community. On our journey to become a net-zero council by 2030, we recognise that residents and community groups are best placed to identify, build, operate, and own carbon reduction projects, which is why this fund brings power to communities to shape their own energy future.

For the 2023/24 HCEF funding round, £150,000 is available to provide grant support for community-based projects that cut carbon and improve energy efficiency. Community groups based and working in the London Borough of Hounslow can apply for grants of up to £40,000. We welcome and actively encourage applications from existing energy and environmental groups, as well as community groups who have not undertaken a carbon or energy related project before. 

The HCEF is funded by carbon offset contributions. These are payments obtained from developers if carbon emission performance in a development cannot be fully achieved on site. Payments are ring-fenced and used to ‘offset’ the carbon footprint by funding carbon saving projects across the borough. It is important that we use these funds effectively and sustainably.

Examples of projects that could be eligible for funding under the HCEF include: 

  • Retrofitting community buildings with energy-saving insulation, installing double glazing and energy-saving light bulbs. 
  • Installing solar panels on community buildings and using them as venues for energy-saving workshops. 
  • Installing carbon-friendly heat pumps in already energy-efficient community buildings to cut carbon emissions further.
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