Community Reference Groups (CRGs)

What we want to do in Hounslow

Whoever you are, wherever you live, we all have a part to play in rising to the challenges we face due to climate change. 

Hounslow Council has declared a Climate Emergency, with ambitious targets to reduce carbon dioxide emissions in our borough. The Council is also committed to the borough’s Green Recovery by creating a stronger, cleaner and healthier borough for everyone. If we are to truly meet these challenges and safeguard the future of our borough for future generations, then we must work together. 

We want people who live, work and study in Hounslow to get actively involved, co-produce actions and priorities with the council, and help to shape the future of our borough. A great way to do this is by joining one of our Community Reference Groups (CRGs).

What is a Community Reference Group? 

The CRGs are groups of like-minded people from all backgrounds who have a shared interest in improving their neighbourhood and environment. 

The groups meeting regularly and work closely with Hounslow Council officers where members will input and influence environmental projects and services. 

What will it involve? 

In a group, you’ll discuss areas that need improving in the community. With support, you’ll develop an idea to improve your chosen subject area and work with council officers to grow it. You’ll regularly feedback information and insights on council projects and services and attend more in-depth feedback workshops. You will also be invited to share your ideas with senior leadership and your local councillors.

For those interested in being kept up to date on issues related to environment and climate including consultations, please sign up our mailing list.

For those interested in practical action to make Hounslow a cleaner greener place to live, please sign up the Environmental Champions Programme.

What will you gain?

Being part of a CRG will allow you to influence key decision-making processes within the Environment and Climate services, alongside learning new skills, all whilst making a difference to your local community and environment.  

  • You’ll act as a community representative and will provide information, insights and feedback to influence council decisions.
  • You’ll be involved in the development of projects from concept to design and development stage. 
  • You'll meet other like-minded individuals who also share a passion for the community and the environment. 
  • You’ll be offered relevant training to undergo various activities.

What are the different CRGs? 

Hounslow Council established three CRGs in early 2020; Cleaner CRG, Greener CRG and Climate & Cleaner Air CRG, who have been successfully working on various environmental and climate issues. 

In 2022 we refreshed the Community Reference Groups, repurposing the groups and bringing more local people from all backgrounds and ages on board. 

We are continuing to recruit for our 2 CRGs, with a third coming soon:

How to apply?

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Hounslow Council is looking for residents who are passionate about the environment to join its Community Reference Groups. Hear from Climate and Clean Air CRG member, Britta, telling us more about the work of the group.

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