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Youth Climate Network

We know that many young people are concerned about the devastating effects of climate change on our environment. Over the last decade, young people have been instrumental in raising awareness about climate issues and have regularly shown intense passion in support for real change.  

Young people have unfairly inherited the challenges we all face due to climate change — this can’t continue. 

If you’re passionate about the change you want to see in the world, get involved with Hounslow’s Youth Climate Network. 

What is our goal? 

The Youth Climate Network has been created to ensure we can bring together passionate young people (aged 18-25) in Hounslow to create a better world for generations to come.  

Our members are determined to tackle environmental and climate change challenges, as well as instigate a change in behaviour and attitudes among the community and beyond.  

The Youth Climate Network will work with the London Borough of Hounslow to design and deliver environmental projects, providing young people with the chance to truly influence the future of Hounslow and London. 

As well as helping to secure a safer, greener future for us all, joining the Youth Climate Network will provide you with an array of skills which can boost your CV and we will provide you with a reference, strengthening your university or job applications. The skills you may develop include: 

  • Written and verbal communication skills 

  • Team building and independent workstreams 

  • Presentation to a senior leadership panel and local councillors 

  • Running meetings (including chairing, agenda setting and minute keeping) 

Meetings: There will be 4 core meetings each year (virtually or in person). You’ll have the opportunity to collaborate with the council and other Youth Climate Network members outside of core meetings. This will include attending exciting group activities such as campaign events, litter picks and site visits.  

Please contact if you have any questions about the Youth Climate Network. 

How to apply?

To sign up to the Youth Climate Network, please fill out the online application form in the link below.

If you need a paper copy of the application form, please email  

Sign up here

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