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What is the Environmental Champion Scheme?

As part of Cleaner Greener Hounslow we have launched a community volunteering opportunity to get residents from all parts of the borough to join us in making Hounslow a cleaner and greener place to live. We want to empower our communities to make a difference by developing a volunteering network bringing everyone together to tackle environmental priorities.

What does an Environmental Champion do?

Environmental Champions can get involved in various activities, including creating their own activities and joining Council organised activities. The Environmental Champions Programme is very open and we’d like people to come up with their own actions, organise their own events, get involved in local issues and plan actions themselves but we will also be offering out opportunities and actions to get involved in and hopefully there’ll be something that suits everyone.

We want you to use your knowledge of the local areas, be creative and be Leaders for creating community change. 

There are plenty of opportunities for an Environmental Champion to get involved and improve their local community and some of the activities we suggest, but are definitely not limited to, are: 

  • Help wildlife flourish – Identify sites for wildflower planting and rethink your own back garden to be wildlife friendly  
  • Plant and care for trees – Adopt a street tree or help plant trees in your neighbourhood 
  • Organise community events – Organise a play street, a street party, or a community clean up 
  • Beautify your street – Get together with your neighbours to ensure your street looks its best 

Champions can choose to do as many or as few activities as they want and if you have any great ideas that we haven’t already thought of you can contact me on environmental.champion@hounslow.gov.uk and I’ll be happy to help with any questions or obstacles you might face when organising in your local area.  

*We advise residents to check the latest Government COVID-19 guidelines here before arranging community events.

How does the Environmental Champions programme work?

When you sign up as an Environmental Champion, you’ll be part of a group of engaged residents making a huge difference in the Borough of Hounslow.

  • You’ll be provided with a dedicated point of contact to answer any questions or queries
  • We held or first Induction Sessions in March 2021 and we are looking at holding more Induction Sessions as we get more Champions joining the programme
  • You’ll receive information and resources when you sign up to introduce you to the programme and to let you know what happens next, how to move forwards and how to get started
  • You’ll receive equipment you might need as part of the programme (we’ll let you know more about what kinds of equipment is available once you sign up and when you’ll receive them)
  • You’ll receive resources such as the Programme Guide and the Raising Awareness Guide to help you along the way
  • You’ll be sent regular newsletters to keep you up to date with the programme and to let you know what’s happening in the Borough
  • You’ll have the opportunity to join regular meetings, get-togethers and discussions with other Environmental Champions, Hounslow Council Officers and Experts

Can under 18s get involved?

We fully encourage entire households to take part in the scheme and those who are under 18 can take part as Eco-Agents. Eco-Agents will receive their own Guides and resources and as part of the programme we hope to encourage children to really think about the environmental impact they have on the world. Under 18s will need to be signed up alongside their Parent/Guardian/Carers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

You can find some useful FAQs surrounding the programme here

Please sign up here and if you have any questions or queries please let us know

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