Borough-wide Tree Planting - November 2021 - March 2022

The London Borough of Hounslow Borough declared a Climate Emergency in 2019.

The Council and its partners are looking at many ways of dealing with the effects of Climate Change and making the borough more resilient to its effects.

Planting Trees is one way of trying to reduce the carbon in the atmosphere. However, trees have a life span and are prone to pests and diseases and so we need to proactively manage our current parks tree stock to increase diversity, biodiversity and numbers to replace those that will die or fail. We need to be ambitious and not only aim to maintain the current canopy levels but add to them to increase opportunity for carbon capture, air cooling and to mitigate the effects of air pollution.

Trees not only define our park landscape but also make our greenspaces more resilient to the effects of Climate Change, thus making Hounslow a healthier environment to live in.

What does the borough-wide Tree planting in Parks and Open Spaces mean?

Tree planting in the borough’s parks and open space where gaps have been identified or opportunities exist to enhance or replace existing trees and tree features.

How many trees will be planted?

245 individual standard size trees and 6250 whips (young trees). 400 Fruit canes in Allotment sites and 500 trees as part of Residents Free Tree Scheme. Additional trees are going to be planted as part of other improvements schemes within the borough’s parks and open spaces.

Where will they be planted?

In areas within parks and open spaces that have been assessed and recommended suitable by the GreenSpace360 Tree Manager for the best soil, light and location conditions for a tree to have a healthy life span.

See our tree planting plan from December 2020 to March 2021

What species have been chosen for these sites?

Tree species have been chosen by the GreenSpace360 Tree Manager based on soil and light conditions as well as location suitability, biodiversity value, historic and cultural context and community benefit and enjoyment.

What other benefits will tree planting bring?

Increased food sources for insects, birds and mammals and humans; connectivity between the borough’s greenspaces; diversity within the boroughs tree species; improved landscapes & active land management; shade & cooling; and enjoyment of the natural world for residents and visitors.

Who will plant and maintain the trees?

GreenSpace360 Staff will undertake the planting. They will install stakes and watering pipes on the standard size trees to be able to water and protect the trees for the first 3 years after planting.  After this general maintenance includes annual inspections to identify any required works i.e. formative pruning and basal growth removal. When standard trees and whip groves are old enough to support themselves stakes and protection fencing maybe removed. In some locations teams of volunteers will plant trees.

**List of Locations to be provided as soon as it is available.

Has Community Safety been considered?

Yes, locations have been assessed and chosen based on limiting restricting future views and not creating areas to hide in.

Can I help look after new trees?

Yes please! When we have long hot spells of warm weather in the Spring and Summer please use the left-over water in your water bottle to pour directly around the base of any new trees on your way out of the park.

Report any vandalism to new trees via Online Forms: Parks, Allotments, Cemeteries and Open Spaces (

How do I request a memorial tree in a Council owned park?

You can pay for a memorial tree in a borough park, please contact us for more information

If you have any more questions, then please contact



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