Controlled Parking Zone

Controlled Parking Zones

The basics about Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ)

Controlled Parking Zones (CPZs) are roads or sets of roads where the parking places and single yellow lines which form the CPZ are controlled for a certain period during the day, with the aim (for the most part) of prioritising local parking.

The operational times of a CPZ will be indicated on the entry boards, which are positioned to face traffic coming into the area. If a yellow line operates at different times to the CPZ it will be individually signed.

Residents and their visitors, as well as local businesses, will be entitled to apply for permits. There are usually many different types of parking within a CPZ, so always check the signs to ensure you are entitled to park there.

Types of parking available

  • Resident permit holder bays.
  • Pay and display or shared use pay and display/permit holder bays (more than one type of parking will be mentioned on the sign).
  • Business bays.
  • Disabled bays.
  • Disabled permit bays.
  • Loading or goods only loading bays (usually located near shops).
  • Zip Car or City Car club bays.
  • Doctor or Dentist Bays.
  • Limited waiting/free bays.

Find out if a property is located within a CPZ

To find out if an address is within a CPZ you can use this map: CPZ Map

Find out if an address is eligible for a resident permit

Not all properties within a CPZ are eligible for parking permits, for instance they may be subject to a planning condition or legal agreement preventing occupiers from obtaining permits (this tends to apply to new builds). You can find out more about a specific property by emailing

Types of permits available for use within a CPZ

  • Resident permits
  • Zone R (Twickenham Event Zone) resident permits
  • Resident visitor permits
  • Temporary four week permits
  • Business permits
  • Carers permits
  • Doctors permits
  • Health Emergency Visitor Badge (organised by London Councils)

Applying for a permit

Twickenham Event Day (Rugby Zone) resident/visitor permits

If you are a resident of the ‘occasional’ Twickenham Event Day (Rugby Zone) you must apply for your free resident and visitor permits using the online form here: Permits: Zone R Resident Parking Permit Application Visitors: Zone R Visitor Permit Applications.

Residents of all other CPZs

All other residents must apply online by creating an Easipermit account online, and also have the facility to upload one or more documents (clear photos of them will do). For more information on permits and how to apply please visit our parking permits webpage

If you are experiencing issues applying please email the permits team at for assistance. Include a description of the problem and screenshots where possible.   

Health Emergency Visitor Badge

NHS medical staff who visit residents in their homes are entitled to apply for a Health Emergency Visitor (HEV) badge, allowing them to park near where they need to be in an emergency. For more information on this, including how to apply, visit London Councils Website 




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