Resident's parking permit

Proof of residency and vehicle ownership

When you apply for a new resident's parking permit you will need to upload proof of residency and vehicle ownership. The following file formats are accepted, with a maximum 3mb limit:

  • pdf
  • jpeg
  • jpg
  • bmp

Proof of residency

As proof of residency you will be required to upload two of the following, showing your name and address:

  • confirmation of Council Tax registration *
  • confirmation of entry on the Electoral Register *
  • utility bill (gas/water/electric/landline telephone - issued within the last 3 months)
  • photo driving licence
  • tenancy agreement

* For Council Tax and Electoral Register you can either:

  • upload a copy or your current Council Tax Bill or a recent Poll Card
  • upload a letter authorising us to check the Council’s Council Tax and/or Electoral Register on your behalf (example letters you can use here)

Proof of vehicle ownership

As proof of vehicle ownership you will be required to upload one of the following:

  • vehicle registration document (full)
  • V11 car tax renewal
  • hire/lease/Motability agreement
  • letter from employer (company car)

We reserve the right to request additional evidence to support an application, or to withdraw a permit if the relevant proof is not supplied. 

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