Resident's parking permit

Residents parking permit near Twickenham (Zone R)

If you live around Twickenham, you might be in what's called the 'Twickenham event zone'.

It's a controlled parking zone that gets really busy when there are events on at the stadium.

Find out if you are in a controlled parking zone using this map

Twickenham Zone R controlled parking zone information and map

If you want to park in resident parking bays during these busy days, you'll need a free resident parking permit.

How to apply for a resident parking permit

Apply for your resident parking permit

Ensure you have read the relevant terms and conditions and data protection statement


The permit is free and will be valid for as long as you own that vehicle and live at your address

Change the details of your permit.

If you're changing vehicles or moving to another property in the zone, you'll need to update your details.

Update your details

Events at Twickenham

See what events are coming up at Twickenham here 

These are the days you'll need your permit.

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