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Motorcycle safety

Motorcycles or Powered Two Wheelers (PTW) are an important way for people to travel, particularly in supporting access to employment. However, motorcyclists face disproportionately high levels of risk on our roads.

In the UK, motorcyclists are just 1% of total road traffic, but account for 19% of all road user deaths. 30 motorcyclists are killed or injured every day at junctions in the UK. In London, male motorcyclists are 10 times more likely to be killed or seriously injured than female motorcyclists.

In 2018, there were 36 KSIs (Killed or Seriously Injured) collisions in Hounslow of which one was a fatality. Key routes, such as A315 and A4, are the most cause for concern. Fewer collisions occur on residential roads.

A large proportion of collisions occur at junctions where cars are turning into or from a side road, and while a PTW is overtaking/filtering traffic.

What is a CBT?

Compulsory basic training (CBT) is a course you take before you ride a moped or motorcycle on the road. The training makes sure you can ride safely on your own while you practice for your full moped or motorcycle test. CBT isn’t a test that you pass or fail.

For a CBT course you will need to have a good knowledge of The Highway Code and traffic signs. A lack of knowledge or understanding of the Highway Code may result in a student not being able to complete their training.

After you’ve completed CBT, you can ride a moped if you’re 16 or over, motorcycle up to 125cc and with a power output of up to 11kW if you’re 17 or over. You must use L plates.

You must pass your full moped or motorcycle test within 2 years, or you will have to either take CBT again or stop riding. You can be fined up to £1,000 and get up to 6 penalty points for riding if you don’t have a valid CBT certificate.

Approved training providers in Hounslow

To ride a motorcycle or scooter, you'll need to complete your Compulsory Basic Training (CBT), which can only be provided by qualified instructors working for a training provider approved by the Driver and Vehicles Standards Agency (DVSA). All approved training providers delivering CBT must include a classroom-based theory element, and a minimum of two hours' on-road riding at a maximum of two riders per trainer.

MCIA RIDE offers an additional level of accreditation for training providers to highlight those that offer the highest standards of training and service.

Additional free motorcycle training

Available from Transport for London including 1-2-1 Motorcycle skills and Beyond CBT: Skills for delivery riders. TfL Motorcycling

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