Enforcement Team contact details

Vehicles parked in contravention

If you see a vehicle which you believe to be parked in contravention of a parking regulation on a public road, you should report it to:

Parking Enforcement Team

Tel: 020 8583 5452
Monday to Saturday: 8am - 11pm

Tel:07385 115 977 (make sure your number is displayed – will be called back if driving)
Sunday: 8am – 7pm

They will then (depending on resources) send a Civil Enforcement Officer (CEO) to issue a Penalty Charge Notice, if they believe the vehicle to be in contravention. To facilitate this you should be prepared to provide the location of the vehicle (ie road name and nearest door number or road junction) along with some details of the vehicle and a brief explanation as to what you believe it should be reported for.

The vehicle needs to be observed in contravention by a CEO which means that speed is of the essence. We therefore only accept enforcement requests for specific vehicles by phone.

If you're calling about your dropped kerb, you should ideally call from your landline, or if calling from a mobile you must be prepared to sign the CEO’s pocket book to confirm that you are the resident who requested enforcement (this information will be treated confidentially).

Abandoned vehicles on roads controlled by the council

If the vehicle is parked on a public road with the borough and appears to be abandoned (as in it is untaxed or it looks like the owner has no intention of returning to it) you should report it to Hounslow Highways as the contractor responsible for abandoned vehicles.

For more information on this including how to report them, visit our Abandoned vehicles webpage

Abandoned vehicles on roads controlled by Transport for London

If a vehicle appears to be abandoned on TfL controlled roads (A4/Great West Road, A30, A205, A312 (partial) and A316) you should report it by visiting our Abandoned vehicles webpage

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