School travel assistance

Online application forms for School Travel Assistance

London Borough of Hounslow Council appreciates the importance of your data privacy and data protection when you communicate with us. Please see our Privacy Notice for more information on how the council collects, uses, retains and discloses personal information.

It is important that you have read the policy that applies to your child/young person before completing the online application form.

These application forms are for parents/carers who are applying for borough provided travel assistance for their child/young person to enable them to access education.  When completing your application can you please make sure that you:

  • complete all the questions
  • attach any relevant evidence to support any statements made in this application
  • include all necessary information to assist the team in their decision regarding travel assistance for your child/young person

An assessment for eligibility to receive borough provided travel assistance will then be undertaken, based on the needs of the child/young person, from the information provided on the application form and other information available to the school travel assistance team.

Should you give false information you may be prosecuted. Please make sure the information is true and complete.

The School Travel Assistance Team will aim to advise parents/carers of the outcome of the assessment within 14 working days of receipt of their application.  During April to the end of September, current recipients of borough provided assistance reapply for the following academic year, and during this time it may take longer than 14 working days to notify you of the assessment decision.

If you have any questions regarding your application, please contact us.


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