School travel assistance

Eligible child - criteria

An eligible child is defined by one or more of the following criteria:

  1. A child with a special educational needs, disability or mobility issues who lives within statutory walking distance, but who could not be reasonably expected to walk or use public transport, even if accompanied, because of their related SEN or disability.
  2. A child who cannot reasonably be expected to walk because the nature of the route is deemed unsafe.  The general expectation is that a child will be accompanied by a parent/carer where necessary, unless there is nobody for whom it would be reasonable to accompany the child, or it is not reasonable to expect the parent to do so.  
  1. A child who needs to travel beyond the statutory walking distance to attend their nearest suitable school (2 miles for pupils below the age of 8 and 3 miles for those aged 8 and over).
  1. A child from a low-income family and where the walking distance falls within the guidance (2 to 6 miles)
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