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Cycleway 9 - your questions answered

Cycleway 9 (C9) is a network of cycleways, that is designed to make cycling and walking easier and safer for residents and commuters in West London. Transport for London (TfL) are leading on this scheme and background to how it was consulted on and developed can be reviewed in detail on their TfL website.

In December 2020, as an emergency response to the pandemic, the C9 team introduced changes along Chiswick High Road on a trial basis (the temporary Cycleway 9). These changes included a fully protected cycle lane, implemented using traffic wands, to enable more cycling and help avoid a car-based recovery.

Following collection of traffic data and listening to local feedback, a series of improvements are now being introduced along the temporary Cycleway 9 route on Chiswick High Road. These changes have been made under an Experimental Traffic Order which Hounslow Council's Cabinet agreed to in July 2021. Construction of these changes started in November 2021 and are expected to finish in time for Summer 2022.

1. What are the benefits of cycleways?

Cycleways have a positive impact on the environment, as well and both cyclist and pedestrian safety. Evidence from leading cycling cities supports cycle and motor vehicle segregation to address cyclist safety e.g. Copenhagen has introduced mostly segregated cycle tracks over the last 25 years and over the same period the risk of serious collision has reduced by 72% per cycled kilometre. Read TfL’s Segregated Cycling Infrastructure Evidence Pack for more details on safety benefits.

Cycleways are also beneficial for local businesses, as the introduction of cycleways in London have been shown to carry up to 5% more people at the busiest times and increase retail spending by up to 30%. More economic benefits of cycling and cycleways can be found in TfL’s Walking and cycling: The economic benefits.

2. What changes are going to be made along the route of C9T, on Chiswick High Road?

As detailed on TfL’s C9 website page, the improvement works include the following:

  • Reinstate the left-turn filter lane at the junction of Chiswick Lane and Chiswick High Road to improve traffic flow and bus journey times
  • Introduce eastbound and westbound bus lanes between Homefield Road and Netheravon Road to improve bus journey times
  • Install shelters at bus stops between Chiswick Lane and Heathfield Terrace
  • Introduce more pick-up and drop-off points for taxis and other vehicles between Chiswick Lane and Heathfield Terrace
  • Replace temporary traffic wands with permanent, paved barriers, to make road segregation clearer
  • Make changes to side road layouts to make cyclists more visible to vehicles
  • Install more signs and road markings to make the cycle lanes more visible.
  • Additional tactile paving and new paving including pavement levelling
  • Introduce raised tables at side roads

3. What changes have been made between Goldhawk Road and Chiswick Lane?

Implementation has included changes to kerb lines where necessary, to facilitate the provision of the cycle track and maintain appropriate footway and carriageway space, particularly with regard to maintaining bus journey times.

Full details of the scheme can be viewed at TfL’s C9 consultation website.

4. When will works complete?

From 22 November 2021 to Summer 2022, we will build improvements to C9 on Chiswick High Road, between Goldhawk Road and Chiswick Lane (known as Section 3A).

Following the completion of section 3A, works will be staring in 22 August 2022 on section 3B, which are outlined for completion in November 2022.

5. Who is carrying out the work, and how will it be delivered?

Our contractors Hounslow Highways are managing the construction of improvement works between Goldhawk Road and Chiswick Lane, on behalf of TfL.

During construction there will be some significant disturbance including bus and traffic delays due to lane reductions, and some pavement closures and diversions. If possible, you should:

  • Walk, cycle or travel by Tube, Overground, or National Rail services
  • Allow more time to complete your journey if driving
  • Travel outside the morning and evening peak times

We will work with TfL to do everything we can to minimise these impacts, and to manage the flow of traffic through Chiswick High Road during construction.

Construction will take place between 7.30am to 4pm Monday to Saturday. Sufficient notice will be given to local residents and businesses ahead of any night time or Sunday construction works.

For any enquiries regarding construction, please contact the Traffic & Transport Service via email at or by phone at 020 8583 3322.


6. How will residents be informed about construction taking place in their area?

We will send update letters to residents and businesses within the vicinity of the works, prior to each phase commencing.

Visit our website to view regular updates and information on the construction programme.

7. How will commuters be informed of changes that might impact their commute?

We will share updates with commuters via our twitter page at @LBofHounslow. Additional information will be shared via TfL using their mailing list. You can sign up to TfL’s mailing list by visiting their website

8. What is being done to ensure that the cycleway meets with the accessibility needs of all pedestrians, as well as cycleway and road users?

The designs for the temporary scheme implemented in December 2020 were adopted following extensive studies and trials, such as the Transport Research Laboratory (TRL) trials between 2015 and 2018. The trials involved in-depth on street monitoring (including video surveys) as well as interviews with people with mobility and visual impairments.

Following feedback from the local community and advice from local sight accessibility organisations in relation to the temporary scheme, the C9 team have reviewed the proposals and looked at ways to further improve accessibility for all users.

Some of the accessibility organisation engaged with include:

  • Age UK Hounslow
  • Association for the Blind (Middlesex)
  • Autism Hounslow 6 of 12
  • Disability Network Hounslow
  • Hounslow Parents and Carers Forum
  • Hounslow Pensioners’ Forum
  • Hounslow Respiratory Support Group

9. What is Hounslow doing to promote safe cycling?

We have a range of cycling initiatives on our website.

We promote safe cycling through initiatives including adult cycle training, as well as promoting the free online cycle skills course run by TfL. We also have a programme of road safety education in all schools in the borough and provide specialist advice by appointment, to older people’s groups.

We will be distributing a leaflet closer to the end of the construction phase to let people know what cycling initiatives will be taking place and the next steps for the project.

10. Have previous consultations been held on Cycleway 9?

TfL consulted on plans for the full C9 route between Kensington Olympia and Brentford in 2017. Additional consultation was undertaken in 2019, for the two separate parts of the route:

  • Kew Bridge and Kew Bridge Road to Wellesley Road
  • Duke Road and Duke's Avenue's junction with Chiswick High Road

To learn more about the engagement activities, please visit the TfL website.

Additionally, read about the pre-engagement and the Chief Officer decision.

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