School Streets - Your questions answered

What are 'School Street' resident only access restrictions?

Resident only access restrictions (“School Streets”) restrict access to a road or road(s) around a school’s access at school start and finish times, Monday - Friday. Typically, they cover a period of 1 hour in the morning (e.g. 8.15 – 9.15am) and 1 hour in the afternoon (e.g. 2.45 – 3.45pm). The specific times of a particular restriction are set out on signs as you enter the School Street.  

During these times, only pedestrians, cyclists, and vehicles registered by residents and their visitors are permitted to enter the road(s). School staff in Hounslow can be exempted by contacting from a valid school email address with their vehicle registration and place of work. Any other vehicle entering would receive a penalty charge notice (PCN). There is no impact on traffic leaving the road(s) during the hours of operation – vehicles can therefore leave the road at any time without receiving a PCN.

Residents can register their own and their visitors' vehicles free of charge. 

The restrictions will be enforced by the Council through the use of CCTV, which could be either mobile or fixed cameras. 

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