Help for Ukrainian people arriving in Hounslow

Financial Support and Services

Setting up a Bank Account  

Several banks have processes set-up to allow refugees without the usual documents to be able to set up a bank account. The requirements of banks vary, listed below are details of some high street banks.  


NatWest offer a basic bank account designed for refugees. Requirements to set up an account include your passport; no proof of address or additional letters are needed. This type of bank account does not allow you to have an overdraft. The account can be upgraded to a standard account later. For more information visit NatWest’s dedicated website (translation available).  


An account can be opened by downloading the app which will detect your location and send a letter to the house you are staying in, which can then be used as ‘proof of address’ to complete the application. If you are being hosted, your host will be able to support you with setting up an account as they will be asked to provide a letter introducing you. To find out more visit Barclay’s website (translation available).  


HSBC welcome Ukrainian refugees in applying for a bank account. They recommend applying in branch where their staff will work with you to review ID documents available and provide further guidance. To find out more visit HSBCs website.   

Lloyds Bank  

Lloyds have supported over 1,000 Ukrainian refugees open a bank account. Their requirements include proof of ID and a letter from a host or family member provided; or you can provide an official letter from your GP. You can apply online on their website and then go into branch to bring in your ID verification documents. To find our more visit Lloyd’s website for new arrivals.  

Monzo (Online Banking Only)  

Monzo has been straightforward for many refugees to open a bank account. Visit their website to find out how you can easily set up a bank account.  

There are several other banks that are listed to supporting Ukrainian’s setting up bank accounts and many have waived their international money transfer fees to Ukraine. To find out more information regarding setting up a bank account visit here.  

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