Housing register and allocations

Revised Housing Allocations Policy 2018

The London Borough of Hounslow’s revised Housing Allocations Policy is effective from 3 April 2018. 

The Housing Allocations Policy sets out who can apply to join the Housing Register, how to apply, how applications are prioritised and how available homes are allocated.

There is a high demand for Council and Housing Association homes in Hounslow and very limited supply of available homes.  Approximately 2 people out of every 10 on the council’s Housing Register are offered a council or Housing Association home each year.  People are encouraged to explore alternative housing options, such as finding accommodation in the private rented sector, to resolve their housing situation.

Main changes since the 2013 Housing Allocations Policy

The changes we have made to the Housing Allocations Policy enable us to allocate and offer homes more quickly.  All the available housing resources will be matched to those in the highest housing need.

People do not have to bid for homes and in most cases, we will make one single direct offer of accommodation only.  Available homes are matched to applicants based on their assessed housing needs (the assessment is carried out by the council).

Download the full revised Housing Allocations Policy

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