Apply for council housing

There is a high demand for council and housing association homes in Hounslow. However, supply is limited. 

This means we offer council housing to around two out of ten people on our housing register each year. We encourage you to explore other housing options, such as finding accommodation in the private rented sector.

We allocate housing based on:

  • suitability of housing that becomes available
  • the applicant's circumstances and housing needs
  • the length of time the applicant has been in their current band on the housing register

You can read more about how we assess your housing application and allocate housing.

We use a single direct offer system to allocate available homes. This is different to a choice-based lettings system, which we used until April 2018 and is used by some other local authorities. 

The single direct offer systems means if you are on the housing register and have high enough priority to receive an offer of housing, you will receive one direct offer only.

Who can apply

You can apply to join the housing register if:

  • you're 18 years old or over
  • you meet the eligibiliy criteria based on your right to live in the UK
  • you meet the the qualification criteria based on your:
    • residence in Hounslow
    • household income, savings and assets
    • behaviour in your current and previous properties

There are some exceptions, as described in our housing allocations policy.

Eligibility based on your right to live in the UK

You must have a right to live in the UK and be entitled to claim public funds. For example, you are eligible if you either: 

  • are a British citizen
  • are an EEA national who is working
  • have leave to remain  

You'll be asked to provide documents confirming your identity and immigration status when you apply.


You need to meet the below qualification criteria to apply for the housing reigister. There are some exceptions, as described in our housing allocations policy.

Residence in Hounslow

You must:

  • currently live in Hounslow
  • have lived in Hounslow continuously for the last five years or for five years out of the last seven years

Household income, savings and assets

We will assess the total income, savings and assets of every person named in your application. You won't qualify if: 

  • your household income adds up to more than £50,000 per year
  • your household savings add up to more than £50,000
  • your or any of the people in your application owns a property (either by yourself or jointly with someone else) or has an interest in a property, in the UK or abroad


You may not qualify if your behaviour is or has been unacceptable in your current or previous accommodation. For example, if you have: 

  • not paid your rent persistently
  • behaved anti-socially
  • used a proprty illegally or immorally
  • secured a tenancy by deception or fraud  

Make your application

There are two phases to an application for council housing:

  1. A pre-qualification questionnaire to establish your eligibility, which you complete online.
  2. The main application, which you complete online if you are successful with the pre-qualification questionnaire.

If you do not meet the general eligibility criteria, but you think you meet one of the exceptions set out in the policy, you need to contact us. This is because you can only complete the main application online if you meet all the general eligibility criteria.

Start your application for council housing

Making your main application

You make your main application after your eligibility has been established. You need to complete the main application within 30 days of us sending you a link to the online form. 

You will also be asked to complete an online medical assessment form if you indicate that you or anyone on your application has a medical condition or disability. 

We will ask you for: 

  • the full names and dates of birth of all the people on your application
  • the National Insurance numbers of you and any people on your application who are aged 16 or over
  • your current and previous address details for the last seven years (including postcodes, landlord details and dates)
  • financial details for all the people on your application, including:
    • full details of any employment (including employer's name and address)
    • income
    • benefits
    • savings
    • assets

If you've indicated any medical conditions or disabilities, we'll ask you for:

  • a description of the condition or disability
  • details of all prescribed medication
  • contact information for your GP and anyone else providing treatment

After you've applied

After you've completed your application, we will assess it. We may contact you for documentation and further information during this assessment, which you will need to provide. If you do not provide it, you risk not being successful with your application.

We will then tell you whether your application has been accepted. If you've been successful, we'll also tell you what band you are in on the housing register.

We will contact you for information at various point throughout the process, for example when we review existing information and for full verification at point of offer. You will need to provide information and documentation when we request it, otherwise you risk being removed from the housing register.

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