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Ceremonies at Feltham Lodge

Your ceremony

Congratulations on your forthcoming celebrations.

We are delighted you have chosen Feltham Lodge for your ceremony.

Feltham Lodge is a beautiful restored Victorian House.

All the rooms in the Victorian building have been completely refurbished whilst retaining many original features.
Whether your choice is for a small intimate wedding ceremony or a much larger celebration, couples will have the choice of three different ceremony rooms: The Jasmine Room, The Rose Room, and the Garden Room.

  • The Garden Room at Feltham Lodge is the main ceremony room opening out onto an original Victorian tiled and wrought iron veranda and exclusive use of the lawned garden. It can accommodate 30 guests - £285.00
  • The Rose Room is also located on the ground floor and can accommodate 16 guests - £265.00
  • The Jasmine Room is located on the first floor and can accommodate 4 guests - £250.00

Marriage and Civil Partnership ceremony date and time must be booked at the time of your notice appointment. We will also require the fee for the room you wish to use to be paid at this time.

If you are giving notice in a different district, you will need to call to book the date, time and pay the fee for your chosen room. We will issue your paperwork at this time.

We hold marriage, civil partnership and reaffirmation ceremonies on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

On Saturdays we hold ceremonies between 10.15am and 1.15pm.

We are currently unable to hold ceremonies on public holidays, Sundays, Christmas Day / Boxing Day and New Year's Day.

To provisionally book your ceremony for Feltham Lodge please call 0208 583 2090.

Terms and conditions - The Lodge bookings

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The ceremony

The Registrars will guide you through your ceremony so there is no need for worry.
Please arrive on time as the Registrar will need to conduct a pre-ceremony interview which is a requirement by law before the ceremony can take place.


Marriage Ceremony

The ceremony begins with a short introduction by the Superintendent Registrar, who will remind the couple of the solemn and binding character of marriage.

There are words prescribed by law you must say. Don't worry - you won't need to learn them. You simply repeat the words, a few at a time, following the guidance of the Registrar.

The first vows are the legal declarations - declaring you are free to marry:

  • 'I do solemnly declare that I know not of any lawful impediment why I _____________ may not be joined in matrimony to ___________'

These second vows are the contractual declarations - making you Husband/Wife, Husband/Husband, Wife/Wife:

  • 'I call upon these persons here present to witness that I_____________ do take thee ___________ to be my lawful wedded husband/wife.'

The Superintendent Registrar will use their own extended vows to make the service a little more special for your important day. Rings may be exchanged, if desired.

The Superintendent will declare the couple married and conclude the ceremony.

The formal signing will then take place.


Civil Partnership Ceremony

The ceremony begins with a short introduction by the Registrar, then you will both be asked in turn to repeat the following declaration:

'I declare that I know of no legal reason why we may not register as each other’s civil partner.

I understand that on signing this document we will be forming a civil partnership with each other.'

Don’t worry you won’t need to learn the vows. You simply repeat the words, a few at a time, following the guidance of the Registrar. The Registrar will use their own extended vows to make the service a little more special for your important day.

Rings may be exchanged, if desired.

The Registrar will declare the couple to be entered into legal civil partnership and conclude the ceremony.

The formal signing of the schedule will then take place.


Using confetti

Although we do not allow confetti within the building, if you chose to get married in the Garden Room there is a large lawn and gardens to the rear of our beautiful building where bio-degradable confetti can be thrown.


There is only guaranteed parking for the one car, guests may need to use the on-street parking in the area.

There are disabled parking bays and access to our building.


Music is provided for your ceremony, although we are happy for you to bring your personal favourite music. However, we request you seek prior approval (at least 28 days before) from the superintendent registrar as to the choice of music to ensure it is appropriate and does not contain any religious connotation.


We welcome your own favourite readings, personally read by your family or close friends. Again, prior approval of readings should be sought.


On the day of your ceremony, you will need to have two witnesses who sign the register to confirm they have witnessed your marriage. Witnesses are a personal choice, the only criteria is that they speak and understand English.

If you need an interpreter

If there are language difficulties an interpreter should be arranged by the couple to attend. The interpreter must act as one of the witnesses to the marriage.

Whatever your requirements our helpful and friendly staff will be able to make your day special and meaningful.




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