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Civil Partnerships

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Civil Partnerships

Since December 2005, same sex couples have been able to form a civil partnership.

However, The Civil Partnership (Opposite sex couples) Regulations 2019 were approved in Parliament on 5 November 2019, to make the necessary changes to extend the eligibility for forming a civil partnership to opposite sex couples.  

The implementation date came into force on 2 December 2019.

Please follow for information, setting out the similarities and differences between civil partnership and marriage as it applies to same-sex and opposite-sex couples.

Forming a partnership

The couple must be over 18 years, not related to each other within the prohibited degrees of relationship and not in an existing marriage or civil partnership. They must also have lived concurrently for at least nine days in the area where notice is being given.

You need to decide where you want your civil partnership ceremony to take place. It can be at any register office or approved premises in England or Wales.
Each party of the proposed Civil Partnership must then attend the register office in the district(s) of where they live to declare that they are legally free to form a Civil Partnership.

Please note a civil partnership does not require a ceremony therefore you can just sign the schedule in front of two qualified witnesses.

Of course, you do have the option to combine the signing with a full ceremony. Please see our 'Ceremonies at Feltham Lodge' page for more information.

See our marriage and civil partnership page for the legal requirements for giving a notice of civil partnership.

Booking a Civil Partnership Ceremony at Feltham Lodge or an Approved Premise

Please contact us by email as this will be the quickest way to reach us. Give your full names and contact telephone number, place,date and time you wish to book.


Ceremonies at Feltham Lodge

All ceremonies will take place in the Garden Room. 

The capacity for the Garden room is the couple, 24 guests and one photographer. We are recommending visitors still wear masks and hand sanitise on arrival. 

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Civil Partnership Certificates

A certificate will only be issued after the details have been entered on to the electronic register. This means you will not be able to obtain a certificate on the day of your marriage or civil partnership. Your  details will be entered onto the electronic registration register within 7 days of your signed Marriage/Civil Partnership Schedule being received at the register office, in the area where you got married/entered into a civil partnership.  To obtain a certificate, you can order one online from the register office in the district where your ceremony took place. 


Convert a civil partnership into a marriage

It is possible to convert a civil partnership to a marriage for same sex couples. There are two options available, but with either option, you will first be required to complete a declaration before a superintendent registrar with all the required documents.
If you would like to convert your union into a marriage there will be a fee of £45.

Requirements for completing the declaration

You MUST both attend together before a superintendent registrar and produce the following documents for completion of the declaration:

  • your original civil partnership certificate, and
  • proof of identity for each of you; this can be a current valid passport
  • proof of your address in one of the following forms:
    • a utility bill dated within three months of your appointment, or
    • bank or building society statement dated within one month of your appointment,
    • council tax bill dated within one year of your appointment, or
    • valid UK driving licence.

If you fail to provide any of the required documents, it may not be possible to complete your conversion.

Option one

A single stage conversion will require you both to attend the register office together with all the required documents. The declaration will be prepared and then immediately signed by both of you in the presence of the superintendent registrar, who will also sign to complete your conversion.
The statutory fee for this appointment is £45 which includes preparation of the declaration.
Marriage certificates can be purchased at the same time.

Option two

The two stage conversion is done in two parts. The first stage is the same as option one; preparation of your declaration in readiness for signing. Once prepared, the declaration must then be signed within 12 months of the preparation date. The statutory fee for this preparation appointment is £27.
The second stage is the signing of the declaration and completion of your conversion. The second part is performed as part of a ceremony and you can complete your signing at one of the following locations:

  • Feltham Lodge in the presence of the superintendent registrar with your invited guests and followed by a ceremony - an additional local fee is payable for this option
  • An approved licensed venue the presence of the superintendent registrar with your invited guests and followed by a ceremony - an additional local fee is payable for this option for the superintendent registrar to attend the venue. In addition, the venue will charge for room hire etc.
  • A religious building where same sex marriages are allowed and in the presence of the superintendent registrar - a statutory fee of £91 is payable for the attendance of the superintendent registrar. A ceremony must follow and the minister should be able to advise you of their fees.


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