Downsizing your home

Have your children left home? Do you want to reduce the running costs of your household? Or is your home simply too big to manage? If you have answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, we may be able to help.

If you are a Hounslow Council tenant with one or more spare bedrooms, you could qualify for our downsizing scheme. The scheme is aimed at providing support and financial assistance to council tenants who wish to transfer to smaller, manageable and more affordable homes.

If you are a housing association tenant and want to downsize, we can still assist you to make a move from your large property.

The downsizing scheme is a voluntary scheme which means that you do not have to move unless you choose to do so. Our aim is not just to help people wanting to transfer to a smaller home but to release properties that are in high demand for families that need them most.

The scheme offers the following benefits:

  • High priority for a move to an alternative property
  • Full decoration of the property you will be moving to, in the colours of your choice.
  • £1000 Cash incentive
  • A handyman service to assist you with fitting curtain rails blinds, bathroom accessories, setting up your flat-packed furniture and other small tasks that can help you make your new property a home.

We will help you relieve the stress of moving to a new home by:

  • Taking care of your removals; and
  • Helping with the reconnection of your appliances.

If you are giving up two or more bedrooms, you will also qualify for the supply and fitting of brand new carpet for two bedrooms of your choice.

How can I apply to downsize my home and what is the criteria?

We will ask you to complete a simple form.

 Housing transfer application form 

You may qualify if you are a Hounslow Council tenant, living in a two, three or more bedroom council property (flat, maisonette, bungalow or house); and have a satisfactory tenancy report.

What type of property is available for downsizing?

  • General need housing
  • Older People Dwelling (properties that are designated to applicants aged 50+)
  • Sheltered Scheme - If you are 60 years or above and may wish to consider moving to a sheltered accommodation, we can assist you in your application. To find out more about the sheltered scheme, please visit our sheltered accomodation webpage.
  • Seaside and Country Homes is linked to Housing Moves which is the Mayor of London’s housing mobility scheme. Seaside and Country Homes is open to tenants living in a council or housing association properties in London where at least one household member is age 55 or over, who wish to move outside of their existing borough to a different part in London. For more information about moving away from London, please visit the Housing Moves website.

What do I do next?

If you are under-occupying a two or more bedroom home and wish to downsize, please call 020 8583 4452 or email the downsizing team

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