Struggling to pay your rent?

‘Rent arrears’ is the term we use to describe what you owe us in unpaid rent.

You may get into arrears because of:

  • late payments
  • missed payments
  • part payments
  • late return of keys
  • non-payment of housing benefit or Universal Credit.

    Please contact us straight away if you're having problems paying your rent. We may come to an arrangement that you can afford. Please don't ignore notices we send you as it'll only make matters worse. 

    Contact us now

    If you’re on a low income, you may be entitled to Housing Benefit, Universal Credit or a Discretionary Housing Payment to help you with your rent payments. 

    Our free Money Advice and Debt Counselling services are available to all Hounslow Housing residents. 

    Please contact us if:

  • you’ve received a letter about your rent arrears
  • you’ve received a Notice of Seeking Possession, Notice to Quit or Notice to Terminate
  • we’ve started either legal proceedings or eviction action

You can contact us in the following ways: 

online enquiry form

  • by email
  • by telephone: 0208 583 4000
  • or in person at your local area office


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