Housing benefit appeals

The Housing Benefit (Decision and Appeals) Regulations 2001 state that any 'person affected' by a relevant decision can ask us to revise our decision. You can also appeal against our decision to an independent appeal tribunal.

A relevant decision is any matter concerning a claim for benefit, for example:

  • amount of benefit payable
  • rent eligible for benefit
  • calculation of a claimants income
  • or the calculation and recovery of an overpayment.

Some decisions, mainly administrative decisions, do not carry a right of appeal. You will be notified if the matter you are disputing does not carry the right of appeal. If we receive a request for a revision, we will look again at our decision regarding a claim for benefit. An appeal means that a tribunal, independent of the council and the Department for Work and Pensions, will consider our decision.

Who is affected:

  • a claimant
  • someone acting on behalf of the claimant who is appointed by the courts
  • someone who the council agrees is appointed to act on behalf of the claimant
  • a landlord - but only in matters relating to whom payment of benefit is to be made
  • an agent - but only in matters relating to whom payment of benefit is to be made
  • any person from whom, it is determined, an overpayment is to be recovered.

This means that you can ask us to revise a decision concerning the calculation of your entitlement; and that your landlord or agent can only ask us to revise a decision about whether payment should be made to a landlord and whether the decision to recover an overpayment from a landlord or agent has been correctly made.

Housing benefit decisions, revisions, disputes and appeals

If you are not happy with our decision

You can query our decision and request further information about the decision. We will give you an explanation, sometimes over the phone. If you are still not happy you can appeal or request a revision of our decision.

Call us on 020 8483 4242 to discuss your claim or book an appointment.



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