For some building work you don’t need to apply for building regulations.

Some types of domestic work exempt from building regulations

Detached buildings

A detached single storey building can be exempt if it

  • has a floor area not exceeding 30m2
  • contains no sleeping accommodation and is a building:
  • no point of which is less than one metre from the boundary of its curtilage
  • is constructed substantially of non-combustible material, like a detached, brick built garage
  • or it’s detached building, having a floor area not exceeding 15m2, that contains no sleeping accommodation (like a greenhouse/garden shed)


The extension of a building by adding at ground level

  • a conservatory, porch, covered yard or covered way, or carport open on at least two sides
  • where, the floor area does not exceed 30m2

Porch or conservatory

  • any glazing should meet the requirements of the building regulations (glazing in most doors and adjacent windows and in windows with a cill level less than 800mm above floor level should be in a safety glass).
  • electrical installation in an exempt conservatory is still controllable under building regulations and requires notification.
  • conservatories must have a transparent or translucent roof, be unheated and remain separated from the existing house.

Exemptions for disabilities

Charges do not apply to parts of the building used solely by disabled people (like wheelchair access).

Read more about disability exemptions

Exemptions and planning permission

Even though your proposals may be exempt from the building regulations you may still require planning permission. This has to be applied for separately.

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