Local land charges

When you buy a property or land, you or your solicitor should contact us to make sure there are no restrictions (charges) that would affect you building or developing there.

These could be charges like

  • existing planning permission
  • environmental notices
  • tree preservation orders

How to request

Local searches can only be submitted on the appropriate forms (LLC1, Con29 or Personal Search form).

And you can now request specific CON29R information.

All local search requests should also be submitted with one ordnance survey plan. Please note we do not accept floor plans or location plans.

Please send your request (LLC1, Con29O, Con29R & Plan) to us at landcharges@hounslow.gov.uk

Current Fees:

All fees are now inclusive of VAT.



Standard residential search (LLC1 and Con 29 Part 1)


Standard non-residential search


LLC1 only


Each part 2 enquiry


Each additional land or property unit


Local Land Charges Search Fee (Full) - Con 29 only (Residential) per search


Local Land Charges Search Fee (Full) - Con 29 only (non-Residential) per search


How to pay

  • An email will be sent out with payment instructions and a reference number to quote to enable online payments. We no longer accept cheques as a form of payment.

Send forms to


For any further information regarding your search results please contact the originating department directly using the contact details provided on the Con29 (Appendix A)

Personal Searches

Personal Searches are currently not available for collection from Hounslow House 

Contact us

Email landcharges@hounslow.gov.uk

Preferred method of contact is via email

Telephone 020 8583 2094/2093


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