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Staveley Road and Burlington Lane

Essential works and maintenance on A4 Great West Road

TfL are due to carry out essential maintenance and refurbishment works on the A4 Great West Road, between Hogarth and Chiswick Roundabouts, from Friday 5 August. At times, traffic lanes on the A4 will close, and at other times the road will be closed fully in one direction between Chiswick roundabout and Hogarth roundabout. Full details about these works are available on the Transport for London website.

To minimise disruption in the local area, we will be suspending enforcement of the access restrictions on Hartington Road and Staveley Road (between its junctions with Great Chertsey Road and Burlington Lane) during the following dates:

  • Saturday 6 August – Wednesday 12 October
  • Saturday 26 November
  • Saturday 3 December
  • Saturday 10 December
  • Saturday 17 December


A “school street” for Chiswick School was introduced on Staveley Road (between its junctions with Great Chertsey Road and Burlington Lane) as a trial to encourage more journeys to school being made by walking and cycling. This was replaced in late January 2022 by an access restriction to general traffic, operating from 8am to 7pm, Mondays to Saturdays, except for buses and permit holders. This decision was taken to achieve a uniform and consistent approach across the local road network and will be implemented on a trial basis through a new Experimental Traffic Management Order.

All those who live and work within Grove Park and Fauconberg Road Controlled Parking Zones, along with those residents living to the east of the A316 (between and including Boston Gardens (to the north) and Staveley Gardens (to the south) are eligible to apply for an access permit. Permits are also available for GPs/Community Nurses/Pharmacists who work in the area, Carers looking after eligible residents as well as local allotment holders and official School Transport, so long as they register with us first.  

Access permit information
  1. Check your eligibility for an access permit
  2. Vehicle access permit application page

Burlington Lane at its junction with the A316/Great Chertsey Road is now a ‘no entry’, meaning that it is restricted to all traffic.

As these trials are being introduced using Experimental Traffic Management Orders, consultation will run alongside the trials being implemented. The council will be considering feedback received on the trials from road users, residents, businesses and other stakeholders for six months from the start of the trials. This feedback, alongside traffic data collected to assess the impact of the schemes, will be analysed before determining whether the trials should be extended, made permanent or removed. The consultation will run from Monday, 24 January 2022 to Sunday, 24 July 2022.

Feedback on the new trial schemes can be provided via our consultations webpage from Monday, 24 January 2022.

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