POhWER Advocacy Services in Hounslow

Note on where the body lies

The IMCA service operates on a ‘where the body lies’ rule. If the individual is physically in Hounslow then POhWER, as the local providers, will be able to accept the referral. If the client is physically in Ealing – in hospital, for example – then POhWER would not be able to accept the referral as The Advocacy Project provides the IMCA service within the London Borough of Ealing.

This is irrespective of who is funding the individual. Please check where the individual is and then ensure a referral is sent to the local advocacy providers. POhWER cannot accept any IMCA referrals in boroughs where we are not contracted by that Local Authority to provide the IMCA service unless the local providers are contacted first and confirm they are not able to accept the referral (for capacity reasons, for example).

In this scenario POhWER can be approached with a Spot Purchase request. 

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