Small Change Big Difference

Focus on food - Small changes can make a big difference!

small change big difference

The London Borough of Hounslow has been selected as one of 8 London Boroughs to take part in the TRiFOCAL (Transforming City Food habits for Life) campaign. Funded by LIFE of the European Commission the initiative is being led by Resource London - the partnership between WRAP and LWARB - together with Groundwork London. The €3.2 million initiative will pilot in London, as a test bed for other European cities.

This spring, the London Borough of Hounslow is launching the Small Change Big Difference campaign to help residents make small food changes to lead healthier and more sustainable lives, whilst being mindful of food waste.

Our three key aims are to:

  • Encourage sustainable eating
  • Reduce food waste
  • Increase food recycling 

Our campaign kicked off in January and runs until the end of March. Please keep an eye out for our posters displayed across the Borough and follow our social media channels where we'll be sharing more information on the event and roadshows we will be carrying out, as well as tips and small changes YOU can make!

Visit the Small Change Big Difference website


Image of a poster showing you how to recycling a banana skin



Image of a poster showing you how to make toast



Image of a poster showing you how to go meat-free





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