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Vast tree planting throughout Hounslow parks and open spaces

As part of National Tree Planting Week (23 November - 1 December 2010), Hounslow Council Park’s team where supported with an army of volunteers at Harvard Hill, De Brome and Pevensey Road Nature Reserve to help plant nearly 900 new trees.

Harvard Hill in particular received 802 trees, creating 30 willow arches and 1000 spring bulbs.

There were 18 mixed fruit frees in De Brome – also known as Leitrim Park and 50 native trees – a mixture of alder, willow, birch and hazel at Pevensey Road Nature Reserve over this week.  No previous planting has been carried out in De Brome before, although Pevensey has seen some planting as part of the Green Gym initiative run by the GS360 Countryside Team.

We would like to thank all volunteers and groups for this wonderful achievement.

Hounslow volunteers collect 100 bags of rubbish on ‘plogging’ day

Hounslow residents, along with representatives from Friends of Parks, Beat the Street, Heston Action Group, Greenspace 360, Hounslow Highways and Hounslow Council have taken part in a number of ‘plogging’ events so far this year. The plog last weekend (29 September) was also supported by local MP Ruth Cadbury, who plogged on Hounslow Heath along with 45 other volunteers. 

Cllr Samia Chaudhary, Cabinet Member for Leisure Services, said she was amazed at how much rubbish they have managed to collect as part of the initiative this year. 

"I was trying to put this in context; I chuck away one black bag of rubbish a week, so to collect over 100 bags is the equivalent of two years’ worth of rubbish for my household.  And that was how much additional rubbish has been left in and around these lovely public parks of ours in Ludlow, Glebelands, Hanworth, Lampton and Hounslow Heath.   

"I'm only sorry I wasn't able to join in as I was away, but I shall certainly be involved in the next outing, which will be at Donkey Wood, Hounslow on 20 October. Finally, a big thank you to all the volunteers who gave up their Sunday morning". 

The next part of the initiative will involve visiting schools to speak about why we shouldn’t litter and the impact this can have on our environment. Visit for more information and to join the next Hounslow Plog event.


Get involved in our Clean Up events!

You may be aware of previous clean up events held earlier this year which were part of the Keep Britain Tidy Great British Spring Clean. Hounslow had the highest number of events in the capital! This is testament to what can be achieved when the community get involved and work together to support an environment we can all enjoy.

Encouraged by this success, Hounslow Council and our partners are coordinating and supporting a further series of clean up events throughout the summer. 

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So, if you have some spare time to help clean a space you love this summer, however large or small, please get involved! Just email us on

Please contact us if any of the following apply;

  • I am interested in holding an event in my area and would like support from Greenspace 360 (who manage open spaces and can provide equipment and site arrangements - keeping everyone safe and happy)
  • I want guidance on how to register or join an existing event
  • I want to become one of the Keep Britain Tidy #LITTERHEROES
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Heston Action Group and Nursery on the Green take part in Community Clean-up on Wednesday, 7 August

Thank you to all at Nursery on the Green and Heston Action Group for taking part in the community clean-up in Heston Park today. It was great to see so many volunteers involved, especially all the kids as they were all so super keen! In total we collected 18 bags worth of litter from the park, which GreenSpace360 have now collected and will separate recyclable materials from other rubbish where possible.

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nursery litter pick


#2 Minute Litter Clearance Challenge

2 minute clean up

Due to the success of the international #2minutebeachclean, the campaign has now moved inland and into a park near you. To support this scheme London Borough of Hounslow have installed 24 litter pick boards within some of our most popular parks and open spaces. The boards are supplied with a litter picker and biodegradable bags to encourage visitors to spend as little as 2 minutes collecting litter, with information to easily record your litter pick and help spread the word!

Festival for the Environment

Festival for the Environment took place at Brentford Public Square on Saturday 17 August, the event was well attended and again highlights the role the local community can play in ensuring a Cleaner Greener Hounslow.



Cleaner Greener Workshops

community workshop

Around 100 local residents took part in recent workshops to help make the borough become more cleaner and greener. The sessions took place at Hounslow House on 15 and 29 June and demonstrated the part everyone can play in their neighbourhoods. Just some of the great ideas ranged from urban gardening to working better with schools and businesses to support clean-up blitzes. Watch out for more news on these community-led projects in this area.

Let's get plogging!

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Plogging is the latest Scandinavian lifestyle trend gaining global popularity since its launch in Sweden in 2016. The 'Plogulution' aims to help local communities to look after their area whilst also promoting a healthy and active lifestyle. The activity not only unites people from all walks of life to clean up and have fun at the same time, but it also helps to raise awareness of the overuse of single use plastics and the devastating impact this is having on our environment.

Plogolution will bring a monthly 'plog' to the borough of Hounslow, with several different routes from shorter walking routes to longer 5K runs. These will cover different areas each month and allow anyone in or out of the borough to take part and do their bit for the community. For details of the next 'plog' in Hounslow, visit: or visit 


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