Cleaner Greener Hounslow

Greener Borough Framework

At a meeting of Hounslow’s Cabinet on 21 January, Hounslow Council unanimously approved a Greener Borough Framework for Hounslow, providing a high-level plan to improve the borough’s environment and reduce its use of the earth’s resources. The Greener Borough Framework leads from the Cleaner Borough Strategy, approved by Cabinet in March 2019 that focused on improving standards of cleanliness in the borough through tackling issues such as littering and fly tipping.

Delivering a cleaner and greener borough is an important strategic priority for Hounslow Council as outlined in its corporate plan and pledges. These commit the council to delivering a high-quality environment and green infrastructure for Hounslow, shaped by in-depth engagement with residents to understand their needs, culture and customs; in order to guide service change, improve delivery and reset services around a collaborative focus. This approach will also enable locals to join in environmental action while reinforcing social norms that actively tackle climate change.

The report details a year of key environmental actions, including lobbying for the appropriate powers, resources and funding to achieve the borough’s vision for an improved green infrastructure. Council Members, Officers and Hounslow’s communities will work together to ensure Hounslow’s voice is heard and acted on.

Hounslow is already progressing a range of projects, particularly aimed at improving air quality in the borough. In addition, plans around waste reduction and recycling were submitted to the Greater London Authority in December 2019.  The borough’s response to the declaration of a climate emergency was also approved by Cabinet alongside this report, with further action plans linked to biodiversity and greening the borough being developed.

These initiatives will be brought together under a single high-level framework with clear governance structure to ensure delivery. This will shape and guide collaborative efforts over the next ten years while ensuring improvements are made from the outset.

Delivery of the various action plans included in the framework will greatly contribute to the health and wellbeing of Hounslow’s communities while ensuring Hounslow plays its part in addressing the global climate emergency. There will also be wider benefits, for example financial savings through increased recycling rates, less waste and through the development and expansion of the green economy.

For more information and to download the full report, please click HERE


Get involved! Community Reference Groups (CRG):

The council alone cannot bring about the changes that are required to effectively tackle climate change and improve our community spaces, environments and public spaces. We believe that the community needs to be at the heart of delivering a Cleaner and Greener Hounslow and a large number have expressed a strong desire to be involved in working with the council to improve the borough.

In response to this, the council is creating three Community Reference Groups (CRG) to work in delivering a Cleaner, Greener Borough.

These are:

  • Cleaner Borough CRG
  • Greener Borough CRG
  • Climate and Clean Air CRG


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