Healthy Homes

A step-by-step checklist for maintaining a healthy home

  • Ventilate your home at regular intervals, and always in the morning, after cooking or bathing. The best way to do this is to open windows on opposite sides of the property for approximately 10 minutes. This will allow clean, dry air to circulate within your home and allow the moist air to escape. This will reduce condensation.


  • In colder weather, use your heating system to maintain a constant temperature in your home. It’s better to keep the temperature constant, rather than heating in short bursts. A temperature of 18 degrees or above, will reduce the risk of mould growth. Heating your home this way is cheaper too.


  • Always make use of electrical extractor fans provided in kitchens and bathrooms especially at times of cooking and bathing.


  • Always keep air ventilation ducts clean and clear of obstructions DO NOT cover these at any time.


  • Do not dry clothes on radiators. Use communal washing lines and drying areas if provided. If these are not available, hang damp washing on a clothes dryer in a room with an extractor fan, such as a kitchen or bathroom. Switch on a fan, open the windows slightly and close the door to the room, to allow the water vapours to escape the room. If using tumble dryers make sure the room and the appliance are adequately vented.


  • Wash off mould growth from walls and ceilings with suitable mould remover to avoid further growth.


  • Clean and wipe moisture from windows when it appears, to prevent mould growth.


  • Leave space between the walls and items such as beds and sofas, to allow air to circulate. Try not to overfill wardrobes, cupboards, or rooms as this will restrict air movement.
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