In-year admissions - applying for schools in Hounslow

All in-year applications made now will be for a school place starting in September 2022.

You will not receive the outcome of your application until the third week of September 2022 as we must wait for schools to return after the summer holiday and declare their vacancies.  

To apply for an in-year place for a Hounslow school, you will need to complete our in-year online application. Each of your preferences will be considered individually under each school's admission criteria. 

The admission criteria for each school can be found in our

Primary Admissions Brochure

Secondary Admissions Brochure

The brochures also have maps of our schools.

You can name up to three schools, listed in order of preference. 

We do not process applications for the following schools.  Please contact them directly to apply for an in-year place;

For all other Hounslow schools, please complete our in-year application using the button below.  Once you have submitted your application, please do not return to or make any changes as this may cancel your application in the system.

Complete our in-year application form

You cannot use this portal to apply for children

  • starting Reception in September 2022.
  • transferring from Infant to Junior in September 2022
  • transferring to Secondary school in September 2022

Please visit for further information regarding any of the above applications for September 2022.

Supplementary information forms

You must check the admission criteria of the schools you are applying for. Some schools (such as faith schools) require the completion of the school's supplementary information form (SIF) in addition to Hounslow's common application form (online application).

SIF forms are available to download from the school websites. Links can be found on our Primary School Supplementary Information Form page and Secondary School Supplementary Information page

Please return your completed supplementary information form directly to the school.

We will not bear any responsibility for supplementary information forms submitted to Hounslow council.

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