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Space Waye reuse and recycling centre

About Space Waye

Space Waye is Hounslow’s re-use and recycling centre for the disposal of the borough’s public and trade waste.

Although we accept the majority of waste (excluding hazardous waste), we focus on re-use and recycling. Please make sure you separate your waste before you enter the site, as it will save you time.

The layout of the Space Waye site has been designed to ensure recycling and waste handling is carried out in a safe and efficient manner. Consequently, we have entrances to the site for householders with cars and a separate entrance for vans, cars with trailers and lorries, all of which must report to and be weighed at the weighbridge.

Important Notice - resident use of a van for disposal of bulky household waste

Residents of Hounslow will have the option of using a van to dispose of bulky household waste, for free, once per calendar year.

If a resident wishes to use a van a second time (or more) the resident will be charged at the current trade/building waste disposal rate. This policy will come into effect from the 8 June 2015.

If you have any questions, please contact the site office on 020 8890 0917

Upon entering the site the named person must show their relevant Hounslow Council Tax Demand and a form of I.D. Producing these documents do not guarantee a free tip (eg waste from home improvements) are not covered. See the Space Waye policy document (available to download from this page) for full details. If you do not have your Council Tax with you, and you still wish to tip, the full charge will be payable, and no refunds will be made under any circumstances.

Garden waste disposal (using a van)

Residents using a van to dispose of a small amount of garden waste (up to four bags) may do so without it counting as their one free tip of household waste using a van as transport. Please note that it cannot be more than four bags of green waste by volume and the load not include any other waste. More than four bags, or including other waste, will result in using your one free tip or incurring a tipping charge.

Opening hours

Monday to Sunday - For public: 8am - 4pm (Public last entry is 3.45pm)

  • For residents in cars disposing of household waste

Trade: 8am - 3pm (Trade last entry is 2.45pm)

  • For customers disposing of business waste

  • For residents using van or trailer to dispose of household waste

  • For residents in cars disposing of building, DIY or other chargeable waste

Contact us

E-mail spacewaye@hounslow.gov.uk

Tel : 020 8890 0917

Space Waye
North Feltham Trading Estate
Pier Road
off Faggs Road

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