Household recycling and waste collections

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The more you recycle, the less goes into your black wheelie bin.

Weekly Recycling

Items Container What can I recycle?

Plastic and metal cans

metal, cans and plastic bottle recycling


Red box

red recycling box



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Card and paper

card and paper recycling


Blue box

blue recycling box



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Glass bottles and jars

glass bottles and jars recycling


Green box

Glass bottle and jar green recycling box



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Textiles and clothing

Textiles, clothing and shoes recycling


Tied carrier bag

tied carrier bag



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Small electrical items

items for electrical recycling


Tied carrier bag

Tied carrier bag



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Weekly food waste

Items Container What can I recycle?


Food recycling

Food bin

Food recycling caddy


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Fortnightly chargeable garden waste

Items Container What can I recycle?

Garden waste

Garden waste recycling

Brown wheeled bin

Brown garden waste recycling bin



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Fortnightly rubbish collection

Residual / Not recyclable Black wheeled bin What goes in your
black wheelie bin?





Black wheeled bin



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On your collection day

  • Place your container(s) out for collection by 7am. Please note, collections can commence from 6am during warm weather spells (28 °C and above) to help prevent crews being exposed to higher midday temperatures while undertaking manual tasks
  • Place it on the front boundary of your property, in a place clearly visible and accessible from (but not on) the pavement
  • Only put out the correct materials in each container. If you place the wrong items in the wrong box, we will not collect your recycling

What we do with your recycling

Find out about Hounslow’s state-of-the-art waste and recycling centre on Southall Lane, where we sort your recycling.

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The council recycles over 32 percent of its waste but we have a target of 65 percent recycling by 2035. Fortnightly black wheelie bin collections help encourage more recycling, making over £1.3 million savings to protect other vital services in the borough.

You can report service quality issues or if you have any specific questions about your recycling and rubbish collections you can contact us via 

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