Council supports schools to showcase children’s environmental efforts

On World Teachers’ Day, 5 October, Hounslow Council encourages nurseries and schools in the borough to apply to the Eco-Schools Green Flag accreditation programme which is now open for application.

Published: Thursday, 5th October 2023

Gumley House School FCJ students created artwork with litter picked up from the river behind the school.

Through the Eco-Schools Green Flag programme, students can discuss environmental issues, take actions to build an eco-friendly borough.

Run by charity organisation Keep Britain Tidy, Eco-Schools Green Flag is the only environmental educational and accreditation programme in England. It is also the largest environmental education programme in the world, spanning 64 countries and more than 2.3 million children and young people are actively taking part in it.

Last year, around 20 nurseries, plus primary and secondary schools in Hounslow took part and achieved Eco-School Green Flags. Strand-on-the-Green Infant and Nursery School and Belmont Primary School were awarded with merits. Three schools were accredited with distinctions - Devonshire Day Nursery, Nursery on the Green Southall and Gumley House School FCJ.

With the support of teachers, Gumley House School FCJ students raised awareness of environmental protection through a variety of activities, from attending conferences to learn about M&S’s net-zero business strategy, organising recycled clothes sales to raise funds for school’s Eco-School projects to creating artwork with litter picked up from the river behind the school.

Juliette Claro, Assistant Head Teacher, Gumley House School FCJ, said:

"The Eco School Award has provided focus and motivation for our young people by providing opportunities to network with companies and charities. All projects are very much student led. With the support of teachers and dedicated volunteers, our students learn a lot about climate change, opportunities to make a difference and educating our community about sustainability. We value the scheme and we look forward to working towards our new application this year."

Councillor Lily Bath, Cabinet Member for Education, Children, Skills and Employment, said:

“Caring for the environment should start at an early age. The Eco-Schools Green Flag programme is an excellent opportunity for schools and teachers to celebrate the ecological achievements by children and young people in Hounslow. Children and young people can learn about the urgency of protecting the environment. They can also share brilliant ideas to tackle environmental issues. I am proud of our young generation who actively engage in building a healthier and greener Hounslow for all.”

The Council will provide resources for nurseries and schools to deliver their Eco-School actions plans. Teachers can join the Environmental Champion scheme to become ‘Environmental Champions’ and sign up their students as ‘Eco Agents’. They can take part in volunteering activities including litter picking, biodiversity surveys, weeding and many more. Please contact for more information.


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