London Climate Action Week: Hounslow's pathway to net zero

Council Leaders, parliamentarians and investors came together today (Thursday, 29 June) at 3Ci’s London Regional Investor Event with a focus on accelerating finance for local net zero projects.

Published: Thursday, 29th June 2023

Organised in partnership with 3Ci, GLA (Greater London Authority) and London Councils, the flagship event of London Climate Action Week 2023 was an opportunity for organisations to offer insight into their local projects and open dialogue on the priorities and challenges for the capital’s transition to net zero.

Hounslow is a leading London borough when it comes to climate action. The Council leads on one of the seven climate programmes that’s delivered by London Councils; the Green Economy Action Plan. The strategy sets out how local authorities across the capital can double the size of their green economy by 2030 and ensure a sustainable future for our communities.

Hounslow Council’s target to reach net zero carbon by 2030 is set out in its Climate Emergency Action Plan, with a further target to deliver a 50 per cent emissions reduction by 2026,  and a focus on doubling the number of green training and employment opportunities across London.

To support its net zero ambitions, Hounslow has launched and delivered numerous bold initiatives. These include its ‘No Time To Waste’ recycling campaign, delivery of an additional 2000 EV charge points across the borough by 2026, Green Skills Bootcamps in partnership with Mayor of London to upskill residents into green sector employment, a first-of-its-kind circular economy neighbourhood model in Heston, and a new dockless electric cycle hire scheme.

At the London Regional Investor Event today, Hounslow Council also outlined its Net Zero Neighbourhoods model, and how a replicable funding and delivery model for creating low carbon energy communities is integral to accelerated transition to net zero.

The Chief Executive of Hounslow Council, Niall Bolger, set out a practical vision for what future neighbourhoods look like, and how councils and government can work together to finance them effectively, and at scale.

Niall is the lead CEO for Environment and Climate Change for the Chief Executive London Committee and chairs the programme board for the UK Cities Climate Investment Commission, 3Ci.


Niall Bolger, Chief Executive of Hounslow Council, said:

“As a local authority, we recognise the climate catastrophe is an immediate and ever-growing threat and that’s why have set out bold plans to achieve net zero carbon by 2030. To support our ambition, we must look at different ways to radically reduce emissions and accelerate growth of our green economy.

“While we see the positive impact of collaboration between local leadership and private investors, we need to be bringing projects forward for investment and unlock opportunities. The role of Government and accelerated funding is a necessity if we are to stay in the global race to meet net zero targets.

“We realise we cannot tackle the climate crisis alone. To make a real impact, it must involve action at a national level underpinned by ambitious delivery of projects and funding. The Government must scale up its efforts to unlock the necessary funding to allow towns and cities to implement measures to accelerate to net zero.

“The recent steep increases in energy prices, coupled with inflation of food and other essentials, highlights the need to advance plans across the UK to radically change energy use and efficiency. This involves increasing the use of renewable energy, encouraging behaviour and lifestyle changes – along with attracting investment into sustainable infrastructures.

“Taking little or no action impacts those on lower incomes the most, and with cost-of-living challenges growing, we must act now to support our residents and communities in the future. We can start by creating energy efficient homes, a cleaner environment, and new opportunities with green jobs, training and skills.”

3Ci is a unique platform bringing together leading figures - including parliamentarians, place leaders and green finance specialists - which showcase how local projects and private investment can combine to bring project and investment pipelines together for real change that can transform communities for a net zero future.

To find out more about what climate change means, the ways you can help to reduce carbon emissions, and how to get involved, read more in Hounslow's Climate Emergency Declaration.


One of Hounslow’s approaches to a cleaner greener borough is to pilot and deliver ‘Net Zero Neighbourhoods’ - demonstrating accelerated transition to net zero at a neighbourhood level, with scalability for wider borough rollout. Targets include:

  • Investable propositions to secure 25-50% private sector funding
  • Address cost of living pressures by improving energy efficiency, reduced consumption, and provide new options for energy self-generation
  • Develop a model which supports the creation of community-driven interventions.
  • Deliver place-based green and blue infrastructure improvements and growth
  • Support retrofit across different building typologies– in areas of deprivation which include social housing and private rented sector
  • Promote a holistic place-based approach by combining retrofit projects with other interventions aligned to net zero and decarbonising the borough. 

The No Time To Waste recycling campaign launched in March, and is raising awareness about the environmental and cost-saving benefits of putting less waste in household rubbish, and more recyclable materials in recycling bins.

Hounslow’s Heston In The Loop project aims to create a low-waste neighbourhood in the Heston area that embraces the circular model of production and consumption. This will form a basis for the model to be rolled out throughout the borough and across London.

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