No Time to Waste: new campaign launches in Hounslow to encourage recycling

Hounslow Council has today launched ‘No Time to Waste’, a new campaign to encourage residents to recycle more and waste less.

Published: Thursday, 16th March 2023

Isleworth's Mansaray family pictured support recycling more and wasting less.

With the cost-of-living crisis a nationwide concern, the Council and its partners are raising awareness about the environmental and cost-saving benefits of putting less waste in household rubbish, and more recyclable materials in recycling bins.

Working in partnership with residents and the Council’s Environmental Champions voluntary group, the Council has produced campaign content that features residents who care about making Hounslow a greener and more sustainable borough.  

Improving residents’ recycling habits is a top priority for Hounslow Council, with ambitious targets set at achieving a 45% recycling rate by 2025, and 50% by 2030.

Hounslow Council’s Cabinet Member for Environment, Highways and Operational Services, Councillor Guy Lambert, said: “Our ‘No Time to Waste’ campaign – which showcases some of Hounslow’s eco-friendly residents across its imagery – will help encourage people to create less waste, and dispel some common misconceptions about recycling.

“It’ll also explain the numerous benefits of becoming more involved with what’s known as the circular economy—reducing, reusing, and recycling to benefit us and those around us.

“While our borough’s recycling rates are improving all the time, they are still a long way from being the best. We are an ambitious Council, and there’s is still a lot more we can do.

“We’re here to work with residents to reduce the amount we waste, and increase the amount of ‘stuff’ we reuse and recycle — this protects our environment by lowering our communal carbon footprint.

“Let’s work together  to waste less food and recycle more materials. It’s not hard to do it, it saves both residents and the Council money, and helps the environment as we target zero carbon in 2030.”


Lampton Services Recycle (wholly owned by Hounslow Council) and West London Waste Authority are supporting the six-month campaign to improve recycling rates.

The ‘No Time to Waste’ campaign aims to help households become more mindful of what they waste, helping to enhance the amount of ‘stuff’ that can be given a new life within the borough.

The Council is encouraging residents to start making a difference by visiting


Today’s launch follows a landmark year for Hounslow’s Waste and Recycling team after receiving a shortlisting for its Flats Communal Food Waste service in the 2022’s National Recycling Awards. 

To help create a greener and cleaner Hounslow, the Council and its partners are already investing £3.8m to tackle waste, litter, and increase recycling.

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