Black wheelie bin

Your black wheelie bin is for things you can't recycle.

We collect your black wheelie bin every two weeks. You can use our online tool to look up your collection day.

You can order a new wheelie bin if yours is broken and you need a replacement.

You can request a larger black wheelie bin if yours is too small.

If we haven't collected your bin, you can report a missed collection.

You can put in:

  • plastics that don't go in your red recycling box, including:
    • carrier bags
    • wrapping and packaging (for example, crisps packets, bread bags, nappy packaging)
  • polystyrene
  • lids of glass jars
  • nappies, incontinence pads and other sanitary waste (tightly wrapped and double-bagged)
  • empty stoma and colostomy bags (tightly wrapped and double-bagged)
  • broken glass and ceramics (tightly wrapped in newspaper to protect the collection crew)
  • disposable BBQs, but you should:
    • douse with water to make sure it has been extinguished
    • put the ash in a bag
    • put the ash and the metail grill in the wheelie bin
    • put the aluminium tray in your red recycling box

You can't put in:

What happens to your non-recyclable waste

It is taken to a plant where it is burned to produce electricity and provide power.

Get help putting your bin out

If you need help putting your bin out on your collection day, you can request an assisted collection.

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