Green food waste bin and caddy

We collect your large green food waste bin every week. You can use our online tool to look up your collection day.

Read more about how to use your food waste bin and caddy.

You can order a new bin or caddy if yours is broken and you need a replacement.

If we haven't collected your brown food waste bin, you can report a missed collection.

You can put in:

  • fruit and vegetable peelings
  • tea bags and coffee granules 
  • plate scrapings
  • bread
  • meat and fish bones
  • shredded paper (small amounts)
  • out-of-date fruit and vegetables
  • out-of-date meat
  • out-of-date fish
  • unused or out-of-date pre-packed food (without packaging)

You can't put in:

  • food packaging
  • liquids (drain all excess liquids from food stuffs) and oils
  • garden waste

Using your food waste caddy and bin

We supply two containers:

  • 7-litre caddy (for the kitchen)
  • 25-litre bin (stored outside)

Both bins have carrying handles. You can lock the lids with the carrying handles.

When the kitchen caddy is full, you should empty it into the outside bin.

You need to put the outside bin out for collection on your collection day.

Using your caddy

You can put food waste into your caddy loose, but it's better to line it to make it easier to empty and keep clean. 

You can line it with: 

  • a biodegradable food waste bag (displaying the EN13432 logo)
  • kitchen towel
  • newspaper
  • shredded paper

You can also wrap food waste in newspapers or kitchen towel to help absorb moisture.

You must not use a non-biodegradable plastic carrier bag to line your caddy.

Using your bin

You store your 25-litre collection bin outside.

This is the bin your present for collection with your other recycling on your collection day.

You need to leave the handle either in the upright position or completely forward and down so that it locks the lid.

If you line your indoor caddy, you probably don't need to line your collection bin.

If you don't line either container, there is more chance of food waste getting stuck to the bottom or sides of your collection bin. Our collection crews will apply a moderate tap to the food waste bin when emptying it but they cannot place their hands inside the bin to dislodge food waste. 

We cannot empty food waste bins with excess liquids and oils.

You must not use a non-biodegradable plastic carrier bag to line your bin.

What happens to your food waste

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