Recycling and rubbish collection days

You can use our online tool to look up your recycling and rubbish collection days.

Look up your collection days

What we collect and how often

Putting your recycling and rubbish out

We will collect your recycling and rubbish anytime between 7am and 5pm on your collection day. 

We may start collections earlier during hot weather (5am if it's going to be 33°C or above, 6am if it's going to be 28°C or above). This is to help prevent crews being exposed to peak temperatures later in the day.

You should place your containers on the front boundary of your property, in a place clearly visible and accessible from (but not on) the pavement.

You need to put out the correct items in the correct containers. If you place the wrong items in the wrong box, we will not collect your recycling.

Get help putting your recycling and rubbish out

If you need help putting your bin out on your collection day, you can request an assisted collection.

Missed collection

If we haven't collected your recycling or rubbish when we should have, you can report a missed collection.

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