Blue recycling box

Your blue recycling box is for card and paper.

We collect all of your recycling boxes every week. You can use our online tool to look up your collection day.

You can order a new recycling box if:

  • yours is broken and you need a replacement
  • you want to recycle more materials than you can fit in one box

If we haven't collected your blue recycling box, you can report a missed collection.

You can put in:

  • flattened cardboard (no bigger than 70x70cm)
  • paper
  • newspapers
  • catalogues, magazines and directories
  • envelopes
  • tetra paks (for example, milk and juice cartons) without lids

You can't put in:

  • shredded paper (small quantities can go in your food waste)
  • plastic sleeves (for example. for magazines and greetings cards)
  • coated paper (for example, plastic, foil and glitter)

Why you need to flatten cardboard boxes

You need to flatten cardboard boxes into a manageable size (less than 70x70cm) so that they fit into our collection vehicles.

We will not collect large items of cardboard or boxes that are not flattened. You can take these to our Reuse and Recycling Centre or an alternative recycling site in West London.

Why we don't accept shredded paper

We don't recycle shredded paper at our material handling facility but you can put small quantities in your food waste bin.

Shredded paper in your blue recycling box can create problems with the sorting machinery and the strands are too short for our recycled paper manufacturers.

You can use shredded paper for pet and animal bedding, compost it at home or put it in your black wheelie bin. 

What happens to your paper and card

Read more: What happens to your recycling

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