Financial support

Discretionary Housing payments (DHPs)

The DHP income may help you if you are on low income and struggling to pay your rent. 

To apply for a DHP - you must be in receipt of Housing Benefit or Universal credit. 

These are some examples of things we will consider to see if you are suitable for this grant:

  • you have unavoidable extra expenses due to short term illness or significant health problems
  • you are having difficulty paying your rent whilst you look for cheaper accommodation
  • the Local Housing Allowance does not cover your full rent
  • your income has reduced due to the benefit cap
  • you are receiving Universal Credit and have a rental liability
  • you are receiving less housing benefit because you are under occupying your property
  • your choice of housing was beyond your control due to urgency or special needs
  • you have unusual or special circumstances
  • when you moved into the property you could afford the rent, but your circumstances changed, and you cannot move until your tenancy ends
  • to help you with short-term rental costs until you are able to secure and move to alternative accommodation
  • to help with short-term rental costs while you look for employment
  • to help with on-going rental costs if you are a disabled person in adapted accommodation
  • to help with on-going rental costs for foster carer
  • to help with short term rental costs for any other reason.

This list is a guide only and will not cover all circumstances. Each case is considered individually.

For more details, see our discretionary housing payments web page

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