Housing allocations policy summary

This is a summary of the London Borough of Hounslow’s revised Housing Allocations Policy.  The full policy is available here.

This summary can also be downloaded here

There is an extremely limited supply of homes owned by the council and housing associations in Hounslow.  Approximately 2 people in 10 on the council’s Housing Register are offered council or housing association homes each year.  This means that many people who need somewhere to live, have to find homes in the private rented sector.  Applying to join the Housing Register does not give any guarantee of being offered a council or housing association home.

Direct offer system of allocating homes (people do not bid for properties)

The council uses a single direct offer system to allocate available homes.  This means if you are on the Housing Register and have enough priority to receive an offer of a council or housing association home, you will receive one direct offer only.  The offer will be based on your assessed housing needs.

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