Proposed Controlled Parking Zones Consultation -Northumberland Estate West and Hartham Road area 7 Aug 2017

Hounslow Council's Traffic Team have received complaints and petitions from residents and comments from ward councillors regarding obstructive and indiscriminate parking occurring in roads in the area west of Quakers Lane in Isleworth, which is reportedly being caused by non-residential parking.  These complaints have resulted in some residents requesting the introduction of a controlled parking zone (CPZ).

The extension of the Syon Lane Station CPZ has meant that the on-street parking by users of the station and employees from local companies that used to occur within the extended CPZ area is likely to have been displaced to other nearby streets, reducing daytime parking availability for residents.  Roads that are likely to be affected include Roxborough Avenue, Northumberland Avenue, Harewood Road, Albury Avenue, Campion Road, Parkwood Road, Downs View, Hartham Road, Deepwell Close, Langley Road and part of London Road.

In response to residents' concerns, the Council are now commencing an informal consultation with residents to determine whether there is wider support for the introduction of parking controls in the Northumberland Estate West and Hartham Road areas.

The consultation presents options relating to the proposed restriction times for a new CPZ.  These could be either part-time (e.g from 10am-12pm), split-time (e.g. 9-10am & 3-4pm) or all-day (e.g. 9am-6pm).  The choice of times will have an impact on the type of parking activity that takes place and the Council asks that residents give careful consideration to which times would best serve the interests of residents and their visitors.

The results of the consultation will be reported to your local ward councillors and you will be notified in writing of the outcome of the consultation and any future action.  If the scheme is progressed, officers will produce a detailed design for the CPZ scheme and consult with you again prior to introduction of the scheme.

Consultation letter


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