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Jobs we can and can't do

Jobs we can do

Basic carpentry, plumbing and electrical work, for example:

  • Ease and adjust windows/doors
  • Put up shelves/hooks
  • Replace tap washers
  • Replace light bulbs
  • Put up curtain rails
  • Unblock sinks
  • Fix a doorbell
  • Fit new plug.

Home security:

  • Install spy-holes and door chains
  • Fit locks and key-safes.

Small home energy efficiency measures:

  • Installing low energy light bulbs
  • Draught proofing.

General home safety and falls prevention work:

  • Securing rugs, carpets and trailing cables
  • Installing grab rails.

Jobs we can’t do

  • Roof repairs
  • Internal decorating
  • Major electrical and gas works
  • Any works above step ladder height.

If in doubt about a job, please contact us to ask via email or call 020 8583 2000.

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