Road enforcement

A neighbour is driving across the footpath to gain access to the front of their house

It is illegal to drive over grass verges or footpaths unless a dropped kerb, approved and installed by us is in place.

Contact us with full details including:

  • location
  • any times - when this activity occurred
  • is it a regular occurrence
  • and the vehicle details.

We will investigate the matter and if necessary will arrange for the person to be advised that the activity should stop until a dropped kerb is installed and that they could be liable for the cost of any reinstatement of damaged areas of footpath.

Application forms for dropped kerbs are available online.

Mud has been left on the road from a nearby construction site

Mud on the road can be extremely dangerous to road users. Please contact us immediately and we will investigate the source of this and arrange either for the site owners to clean the area themselves or the council will do so and charge the site owner for any costs incurred.

We will also investigate what vehicle wheel-washing facilities are on site and any other measures required to avoid the problem happening again.

Trees and plants are overhanging the footpath or road from a property

Property owners are responsible for ensuring that plants and trees from their property do not overhang onto a pavement or street. Plants should be maintained to allow 2.5 metres vertical clearance of the footpath and vegetation below this level should be trimmed back to within the property boundary line.

Trees overhanging the road should allow vertical clearance of 5 metres to allow uninterrupted passage of vehicles. Similarly any growth below this height should be trimmed back in line with the property boundary line.

We will normally inspect the site and advise the owner of the action that is required to be taken. If this is not completed then with the help of government legislation we can serve a notice on the property owner to complete the work within a specified time. If the property owner does not carry out the work we will do the work and bill the property owner for any costs.

Builders’ materials have been placed on the footpath/road

Builders’ materials are allowed on the footpath/road as long as they have applied for permission from us.  If you are unsure whether we have given permission for the materials to be placed on the footpath/highway please contact us below with details.

We will investigate to determine whether the necessary permission has been agreed and if not will issue a warning that permission is required or that materials are removed. Failure to get permission or remove the materials could result in prosecution.

A local store has an external display extending onto the pavement

Some stores have private areas as part of the frontage of their premises and are permitted to extend their display to that boundary. However in some instances stores have displays illegally occupying the pavement area and causing restrictions on pedestrian access.

If you wish to report such a matter please contact us with full details of location. An officer will investigate and if proven to be illegally placed will ensure that the display materials are removed, or if necessary, prosecute.

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