Road verge maintenance

We are responsible for maintaining the grass verges adjoining roads.

To report damage to the grass verge, please visit our Hounslow Highways website and report issue by using the 'Report it Online' button on the website.

If a neighbour is driving across the grass verge/footpath into their property to park their car. It is illegal to drive over grass verges or footpaths unless a dropped kerb, approved and installed by Hounslow council is in place.

In the above circumstances please report full details to us, including:

  • location
  • any times - when this activity took place
  • is it a regular occurrence
  • and the vehicle details.

An officer will investigate the matter and if proven will arrange for the person to be advised that such activity should cease until a dropped kerb is installed and that they could be liable for the cost of any re-instatement of damaged areas.

Application forms for installation of dropped kerbs are available online.

Reporting builders materials e.g. sand, bricks, placed on the grass verge causing damage or obstruction

Building materials are permitted on the footpath/road as long as we have given permission.  If you are unsure whether permission has been applied for or the materials are causing an obstruction then please contact us with full details of the location.

We will investigate and ensure the necessary permission has been given and that the materials are not causing an obstruction. If permission has not been given then a warning will be issued to either apply for permission or remove the materials. Failure to do so could result in a prosecution.

Contact us to report any of the above or seek further information.

Weeds are growing at the edge of the footpath and road

We operate a weed spraying programme at certain times throughout the year. Once weeds have been sprayed and allowed to die off then the site will be revisited so that they can be removed if necessary. You can report any of the above or seek further information by contacting us at Hounslow Highways.

Contact us:

Hounslow Highways
Jubilee House 
Depot Road

Telephone: 020 8583 2000






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