A pothole is where the surface of the road has been eroded and a hollow has formed. Potholes can also occur on pavements.

See a pothole?  Report it!

  • If you become aware of a pothole on your road or on any carriageway in the borough, report it by clicking below. 
  • Your report will lead to the road defect being added onto a list of defects to be investigated by our road maintenance team.
  • The team will locate the pothole and assess it.  Action will be taken depending on its urgency.
  • You can follow the progress of your enquiry online (please ensure you supply all the details when you report it online)

Report a pothole

Pothole busters

Hounslow Highways has a team dedicated to highway maintenance which includes all road repairs and potholes. With your help, we can identify the potholes that need repairing quickly and keep our streets safe and in good repair.. 

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