A pothole is where the surface of the road has been eroded and a hole has formed.  Potholes can also appear on pavements.

Causes of a pothole

Roads everywhere are particularly vulnerable during winter’s freezing conditions.  If there is even a small crack in the road, water will enter and the freeze/ thaw cycle eventually causes the surface to break open.

With vehicles crossing over it repeatedly a pothole is born, which is why busy roads are more at risk.

Repairing pot holes

A team of trained highway inspectors inspect all council owned roads regularly. The frequency of these inspections follows national good practice guidance and varies depending on the classification and importance of the road.

Defects are recorded, and those that pose a potential hazard are assigned a repair time scale, in accordance with our safety inspection policy. Those posing a higher risk, to pedestrians or vehicles are given a higher priority.

We also inspect any highway defects that are reported to us.

We cannot repair every pothole reported

But we will repair those that pose an imminent danger.  Other potholes may be left to be included in future programmed maintenance, which is a much more cost effective approach.

Report a pothole

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