Reserve parking spaces

Bay suspensions

If you need to use a parking space for your own use, you can ask to have its restrictions suspended for an agreed time. 


  • £52 for one bay and £20 for any additional bays on the first day
  • £20 per bay every day afterwards


Applications should be made using the form below at least ten working days before you need the space 

Request a parking bay suspension

If you want to keep a skip on the parking space, you’ll also need to apply for a skip permit

Contact us via email

Parking on yellow lines

You can request permission to park a specific vehicle on single or double yellow lines during an agreed period.


  • £52 for one vehicle for one day
  • £20 per day every day afterwards


Applications should be made at least ten working days before you need to park

Apply for your yellow line waiver


Parking at funerals

At the family home

Parking is allowed for up to four vehicles on the day (including the funeral vehicles). If you need more parking, you can request visitor permits here

At the funeral location

If suitable, people attending a funeral are allowed to park on a single yellow line for up to two hours.

Your funeral venue needs to check with us about this at least five days before the funeral.

All parked vehicles need to leave a letter in the window confirming this. 

If you need traffic cones to cordon off an area, please let us know at least five days before the funeral. 

Free parking is not available for wakes or ceremonies after the funeral.


Request permission for parking at a funeral


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