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Formal housing groups and forums

TLSTJCC - Tenants, Leaseholders, Sheltered Tenants, Joint Consultative Committee

This group represents all London Borough of Hounslow tenants, leaseholders and sheltered tenants. It is made up of members from the Housing Forums - Tenants, Lease Holders and Sheltered residents  who work with the Lead Member for Housing and council officers to help improve and deliver better housing services across the borough. The group meets regularly and are open to the public. They can  also advise and make recommendations to the Cabinet and refer matters to other relevant departments.
To get in touch with your representative contact Hibo Warsama on 020 8583 4364 or email

Tenants Forum

This forum brings together London Borough of Hounslow tenants, providing them with a voice and platform to ensure that their voice is heard. There are 16 members, a Chair, Vice Chair and Secretary. 
To find out more or to get involved with the Tenants Forum Hibo Warsama on 020 8583 4364 or email

Leaseholders Forum

This group represents London Borough of Hounslow Leaseholders. This forum aims to bring together the council and leaseholders to ensure that the voices of leaseholders are heard. There are 15 members, a Chair, Vice Chair & Secretary. 

If you want to find out more about the forum or get involved, search for ‘Hounslow Leaseholders’ on Facebook or contact Hibo Warsama on 020 8583 4364 or email 

SARA - Sheltered Accommodation Residents Association

This group represents all tenants living in our 22 sheltered schemes across the borough. Most schemes have at least 2 representatives who sit on this forum and ensure that the voices of sheltered tenants are heard. There is a Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer and Secretary for this group. Representatives for each scheme are decided on a scheme by scheme basis.

To find out more or get involved with SARA, contact David Penman, Chair or call 078 5315 7757 or contact Hibo Warsama on 020 8583 4364 or email 

Hounslow Tenant and Leaseholder Scrutiny Board

If you are passionate about tenants having a voice, able to work as a team and want to challenge how Hounslow Housing performs, the HTLSB would love to hear from you.  The work of the HTLSB is varied giving you the opportunity to use existing skills or learn new ones.  It may involve taking part in or running team discussions, analysing performance data and other types of information, designing or carrying out surveys, interviewing officers, reading technical information, writing reports and making presentations.

There are two ways to get involved – you could either:

  • Apply to become a member of the Board;   No formal qualifications are required to become a Scrutiny Board Member but you will be expected to regularly attend board meetings (about 1 every month).  Training in different aspects of the Board’s work will be provided if necessary.  This is a longer term commitment, agreeing what to investigate, overseeing reviews and presenting reports to officers and councillors as well as carrying out the reviews themselves
  • Volunteer to work on a review:  If you have professional skills to offer, but can’t make a regular commitment, then you could volunteer to work on a Review Project that the board has chosen to carry out.  The kind of skills needed for a review include:  project management, data analysis, questionnaire and document design, process mapping, and report writing.

If you are interested in either of the above, please contact the HTLSB.  It is likely that a Board member will want to meet with you to ensure that you have the relevant skills and a full understanding of the role you are interested in and to give you the opportunity to ask questions

Contact us 


Telephone: 020 8583 2540

Hounslow Housing Disability Group

This group supports council tenants with disabilities to be more aware of council services and raise issues and concerns over other matters. They meet on a quarterly basis and the locations vary. To find out more or join the group, email Sarfraz Kherdin, Equality Policy Officer or call 0208 583 2567


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